We offer three cost-effective ways to automate your practice each guaranteed to expedite insurance and patient payments, simplify scheduling and record keeping and give your more to to practice your specialty.

The "Turn-Key" approach-

Your own computer system in-house

If you wish your own computer installation, Sigma Healthcare Consulting will set up a complete data processing package. We assist in converting your records to the new system and then provide ongoing local support. Our staff can also train your personnel to process all data in your office.

We don't just "hand you the key" and walk away. We provide continued support once the system is up and running. We encourage you to ask our satisfied users about Sigma Healthcare Consulting's reputation for support and service after the sale. Our expertise doesn't stop with computers. We know the business of medicine as well. No one is better equipped to guide you in the purchase of your own automation system.
Choose from two outstanding programs:

- MediSoft
- Care/DM

On-line computer benefits without computer expense

This option gives you the advantage of instant, on-line access to a computerized and time tested data base, without owning the computer itself. We install the necessary equipment (printer & video terminal) for you to access the computer system in our office. Your or your office staff can access and retrieve data as if the computer were in your office without worrying about breakdowns, equipment failure, obsolescence and staff technical expertise. This makes it easy for your staff (or us) to answer the three questios most frequently asked by your patients:
1. What is my account balance?
2. Has my insurance been billed?
3. Did my insurance pay?

Full Service-

Off-site billing for hospital- based
medical specialties or small-volume practices

This service is the simplest way of using automation to manage a practice. It's ideal for any physician who doesn't have the in-house staff to support their own computer system .. who doesn't want to be involved with payroll, deductions, benefits, employee absenteeism and attrition.

You send us your patient-visit records at the end of each working day, we process them expeditiously then mail statements and insurance-claim submissions.

Charges for full service billing are based on collections only . If we don't deliver, you don't pay.

With all three options, we provide comprehensive consulting and system conversion. If you are converting from an earlier system, we can preform the conversion with minimal downtime. Sigma Healthcare Consulting lets you and your staff practice medicine without worrying about the details of automation.