On Site Training
Our technicians will train your staff at your office site.
One-on-one interactive hands on training using your MediSoft software, physician information, patient information, and actual charges. Training sessions are for a full day, starting at 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Additional days may be purchased to assure your staff is highly proficient at using the MediSoft application.
The training is very intense, thus we request the staff not be interrupted during the training session.
$600/day plus expenses

Training at Sigma Healthcare Consulting
MediSoft training at Sigma Healthcare Consulting's office is available. Each attendant has a computer to work from. Hands on application using practice and patient information. Includes setting up office information, statements, procedure for transmitting claims electronically.
$300/day per student

Dial-up Training
Using pcAnywhere software, we will dial into your computer system for remote dial-up training. In turn you call us on a second phone line and our instructor will explain the use and application of the software. With MediSoft Installed on your system, we can illustrate setting up the practice, entering patient data and charges, printing HCFA and reports. This requires access to 2 telephone lines, the communication software and modem on your computer. We ask that you fax practice and patient information to us in advance. This enables us to discuss in detail entering and applying the information. This method of training has been very successful and cost effective for the provider.
Training is conducted in 2 sessions 2 hours each for total of 4 hours.

$300 for 4 hours.

Contact us for more information.